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Campus Resources

Scorecard Key

Active Member GPA

The grade point average of those who are active members.

Active Members

The number of initiated members who have been in the organization for longer than a semester.


Chapter awards given out by the UNC Charlotte Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life based on the completion and level of the Relationship Statement.

Chapter Designation

Each organization has a designation or Chapter name that allows it to be identified by the national organization.

Conduct Notes

Conduct items, sanctions, and outcomes from an organizations that has broken the Student Code of Responsibility. Please also see Student Organizational Conduct Records for more information. Please note the Deferred Registration Suspension is defined as the following: A status in which the Respondent is deemed not to be in good conduct standing with the University for a definite period of time not less than the remainder of the semester in which the Deferred Registration Suspension is imposed. In the event the Respondent is subsequently found responsible for a violation(s) of the Code while on Deferred Registration Suspension, more severe sanctions, including Registration Suspension or Registration Revocation, could result, with Registration Suspension being considered as a most likely possibility. The Respondent may seek and add members during this probationary period and may host other activities unless otherwise specified.


Each organization belongs to a larger umbrella group called a council. This council provides guidance, leadership, and oversight for the group. Our councils are as follows:

  • PHA - Panhellenic Association
  • IFC -Interfraternity Council
  • IGC - Independent Greek Council
  • NPHC - National Panhellenic Council
  • DGC- Diversified Greek Council

Click here to learn more about our councils

Dollars Raised

The total amount of money raised for non-profit organizations and/or the organization’s philanthropy.

Founding Year

The year the organization was established at UNC Charlotte.

Good Donated

The amount of tangible items that have been donated to local non-profit organizations.

National Website

A link to the national organization's website to collect information on who they are on a national scale.

New Member GPA

The grade point average of those who are new members.

New Members

The number of newly recruited members who have gone through new member education in the most recent semester.


How the organization may be referred on campus, locally, or nationally in a shortened nickname.


These letters dictate the national belonging of an organization. All UNCC fraternities and sororities are nationally recognized.

Organization GPA

The total grade point average of those who are involved in the organization.

Relationship Statement Status

The guidelines and programing standards of the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life that each organization must complete. There are 14 requirements and the number represented is the number of items an organization has completed in one year.

*Please note: if 0 is indicated, this means the organization is new and not yet completed a full year at UNC Charlotte.

Total Volunteer Hours

The total number of hours the organization has donated to charitable/non-profit causes/organizations, usually associated with the organizations philanthropy.